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Implementation of mobile solutions at Alior Bank

By 12 September 2019 October 18th, 2019 No Comments

Implementation of mobile solutions at Alior Bank


Recently, we have implemented high quality mobile devices for Alior Bank. We prepared and carried out the entire process of delivery and distribution, as well as training of bank employees on the use of new Apple devices.

Alior Bank currently has about 1,000 branches across Poland and services almost 4,000,000 individual customers and 180,000 companies. The Bank is constantly looking for new technological solutions to make it easier for its customers to use both Internet and mobile banking. As the Alior Bank’s motto says: “Combining traditional banking rules with innovative solutions” – which provides customers with the highest quality of services.

As part of our cooperation, we carried out a project to implement 5815 iPhones, with particular emphasis on the needs of employees. We delivered new devices and prepared a special video training system as well as on-site training on the basics of iPhone use.

As part of the project, the bank gained modern devices equipped with internal applications that were ready for use immediately after being launched. The employees of Alior Bank were able to use the devices from the very first day of the implementation.