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Movie about the INNERGO team

By 12 September 2019 October 21st, 2019 No Comments

Undoubtedly, the film we prepared was an adventure for all the people involved. Working on the set, in a variety of places, and just being in front of the camera was a new challenge.

We asked people who are extremely important to us – our employees – to take part in the film.

We are all strongly connected with technology at work and beyond. That is why we answer the question “What is technology for you?” in this film. Despite the closeness to the industry, the answer to this question turns out to be not that easy.

In the film, among others, we talk about the fact that technology is not only a tool, but an integral part of life. We talk about how it facilitates tasks, serves as a source of entertainment and helps us in everyday matters.

All films made as part of this project can be viewed at: