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Certified Innergo Technology Workshop II

By 12 September 2019 October 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Summary of the second edition of CITW

The second edition of the prestigious Certified Innergo Technology Workshop is over! During the two-day workshop, the organisers presented issues related to the digital transformation of business. The whole workshop was supported by the latest technologies, including iPads, which were used instead of traditional workshop materials. What else managed to surprise participants during the autumn edition of CITW?

Aruba, Apple, and Cisco among the experts

This year’s CITW workshop took place in Cracow, the former capital of Poland. The formula of the event was based on lectures followed by a practical workshop. The first day was devoted to the topic of corporate mobility. Experts commented on how mobile devices and systems bring a new dimension to work, increasing both productivity and employee satisfaction. On that day, specialists from Innergo Systems – Wojciech Gargul, Mateusz Szafraniec, Grzegorz Wieczorek, and Rafał Mazur – shared their knowledge together with representatives of other leading technology companies, such as: Cisco, VMware, DLL, and Salesbook. During the first day of the workshop, participants had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with technological tools that are key to the efficient operation of the company. The tools presented included Capriza for quick creation of mobile applications on the basis of those available for the browser, Workspace ONE for managing mobile devices in the enterprise and Cisco Webex, which supports corporate communication.

The second day of the workshop was devoted to the issue of creating a hybrid network infrastructure, which allows to implement and easily integrate the latest technological solutions in companies. On that day, experts from VMware, HPE, and Aruba Networks, as well as Grzegorz Wieczorek, Rafał Mazur, Mateusz Turek, and Tomasz Mańka from Innergo Systems, shared their insights. During the workshop part of the event, participants had the opportunity to learn about laptop management in the company using Workspace ONE and the process of integrating Aruba ClearPass with other corporate IT systems.

The next edition will take place in spring!

The new dimension of IT infrastructure and digital business transformation are topics that are constantly evolving. That is why the organisers revealed that the next, third edition of the Certified Innergo Technology Workshop is already planned for spring 2019. It will take place in Warsaw. All information on future workshops will be published directly on the Innergo Systems website.