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Apple Financial Services

By 12 September 2019 October 22nd, 2019 No Comments

New on the Polish market – rental of Apple devices

The world has changed and so have customer expectations. In order to satisfy their needs, companies have to use modern technologies themselves. One of the barriers, however, is the fear of excessive costs. Not every company can afford to spend a one-time high amount to purchase mobile devices for its employees. However, thanks to the Apple Financial Services system, such products are now within the reach of every company.

AFS – new acronym, new opportunities

AFS stands for Apple Financial Services, which is a method of monthly financing of the rental of Apple products. The whole service allows for high financial savings, because you do not have to spend the full amount on the purchase of a given product, and, in addition, the fee payment system allows you to save up to 20% of the invested money compared to buying for cash.

The service itself is new in the Polish market, but thanks to a wide range of products (which includes all Apple devices and accessories), it will surely convince many fans of this manufacturer. “The rental period, without own contribution, depends on the customer’s needs, although it can be up to four years. All this time, the customer can count on our technical support. After the end of the contract period, the devices can be replaced with new ones, and the contract conditions can be maintained for the next months of rental. What’s more, once the rental is over, you don’t have to worry about the data contained on your old devices, because they are fully deleted and can be saved on another medium, so that no unauthorised persons can access them” – explains Wojciech Gargul, Sales Director Managed Mobility Division and Member of Innergo Systems Management Board.

Real benefits

Let’s take a closer look at Apple Financial Services. We’ll start with the iPad. It is an ideal device for companies that require mobility. For the iPad, business meetings, contacts with colleagues, and preparation of documents or presentations is not a problem. The suggested net purchase price of such a device (9.7 inches, fingerprint reader and 10-hour battery life) is up to PLN 1,300. Managers, executives, and key account managers are people who should be equipped with such devices. With 50 recipients, the devices themselves will cost us PLN 65,000 net.

Now, let’s now move on to the rental offer. The same model will cost us PLN 39 net per month when we enter into a 24-month contract. As a result, after two years of use, the price of a single product will total about PLN 945 (excluding inflation). So in the end we saved about PLN 355 on each device, and in the case of the mentioned 50 employees it is almost PLN 18,000! After the end of the contract period, the devices can be replaced with new ones under the same conditions as before.

What is important, we have created a special calculator that allows every interested entrepreneur to enter their own details and preferences to easily find out what monthly costs will be associated with the investment. Using the calculator does not oblige anyone to use the service, and you can enter various variants to best match the offer to your requirements (e.g. the number of devices) and financial capabilities of the company.

“Innergo not only provides the rental offer, but also cares for the customer by providing constant technical support for the entire duration of the contract and supports the smooth replacement of the devices at the end of the rental period. This is a great advantage and it definitely makes it easier to manage a mobile fleet” – adds Wojciech Gargul, Sales Director Managed Mobility Division and Member of Innergo Systems Management Board.