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30 years of IT in Poland – what in the new edition of ITwiz?

By 12 September 2019 October 21st, 2019 No Comments

Recently, more and more people have read about Innergo in magazines and industry portals. This time, however, we have the opportunity to present our point of view. In the Jubilee edition of “ITwiz: 30 years of transformation of the IT industry in Poland” we are talking about changes that have occurred in the last 30 years on the Polish IT market. Paweł Dąbroś, President of Innergo, spoke in the debate.

The new issue of the magazine is a special issue, published on the occasion of the symbolic 30th anniversary of the IT industry’s presence on the Polish market. It is not, however, a settlement of companies’ activities, but a broad discussion of the development prospects and the current state of the IT market in Poland and a comparison with foreign markets. The main point of the jubilee issue is a debate attended by representatives of the largest ICT Companies or IT Departments, including Paweł Dąbroś.

The debate focused on the changes that have taken place on the Polish IT market over the last 30 years and the further development of this sector. During the discussion, the President drew attention to a very important paradox, which is the situation of Polish engineers. As he says, unfortunately, when they work for foreign companies operating in Poland, their competences are rated higher than when they work for a Polish company. Due to this, instead of directly using the knowledge of qualified employees, customers turn to global intermediaries.

And what technological changes await us in the near future? The issue published, among others, the plan of the digital revolution in the European Commission, which is part of the European Digital Strategy. “By 2022 the European Commission will be a digitally transformed, user-oriented and data-based administration – a truly digital Commission” – this is the core of the strategy. As we read in the report, the Commission sees itself as an incubator that will receive and encourage innovation throughout the European Union.

The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotisation are all referred to as digital transformation aids. It is thanks to them that the changes will take place both in the professional and private space of the users. However, there is still little talk about which solutions could be used by companies and for what purpose. Above all, however, in our country there has not yet been a breakthrough in the development of the Internet of Things, and therefore we should ask ourselves when it will happen.

As you can see, the jubilee edition of ITwizja covers many interesting and above all current topics. While studying the new issue, we will read about the past 30 years since the creation of the IT market in Poland, the current situation, as well as prospects, plans and obstacles related to its further development.