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Innergo’s birthday event

By 12 September 2019 November 29th, 2019 No Comments

Innergo’s tenth birthday is a great reason for the company to be proud. Over the last decade, we have expanded enough to talk about ourselves as one of the largest ICT integrators in Poland. We owe it to our strong bonds with our partners and customers, who accompanied us on May 16 during the celebration of our anniversary at the Kawallo Hotel in Leonów.

During the event, you could listen to our management board’s keynote. They shared information about what was important to the company, what values were important to us, and which successes and failures have shaped it the most and made it the main integrator of telecommunications and ICT solutions in Poland.

The celebrated jubilee, apart from the formal aspect, was an excellent opportunity to strengthen our bonds. It is thanks to these relationships that we can continue to execute innovative implementation systems, combine the world of technology with business, and expand our capabilities to adapt to the new needs of our customers.