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ITwiz debate

By 12 September 2019 October 21st, 2019 No Comments

This year, the Polish IT industry is celebrating its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, the ITwiz magazine initiated a debate and invited eminent experts from the sector. The President of Innergo Systems, Paweł Dąbroś, was among them.

The aim of the debate was to systematise the knowledge on the activities of the IT industry in Poland in the last 30 years and discuss the potential for its further development.

During the debate, Paweł Dąbroś spoke, among others, about the problem of qualified engineers, who are underestimated by the Polish market. “Our biggest weakness is that the competences of Polish engineers working for a foreign service provider receive higher customer ratings than when they represent a Polish company” – said the President of Innergo. He also pointed out the good sides of the IT market in Poland, such as the vivid interest of entrepreneurs in new technological solutions.

You can read the whole debate here: