We provide our customers a full range of services related to the consulting in the ICT field. These services include support at each step of IT projects implementation.

  • Audit of your IT infrastructure and IT environment
  • Planning and designing of new solutions
  • Analysis of IT technologies available on the market
  • Cost estimation of IT projects
  • Support the business assessment of concept and ROI
  • Preparation and optimization of environment for systems implementation


IT infrastructure audit

The aim of the audit is to verify IT environment operations, taking into account its purpose and IT best practices.

The information obtained in the audit allows us to optimize the planning of purchases and the design of any action aimed at improving functioning and security of infrastructure.

The result of the audit is:

  • General report, showing the status of the use of IT infrastructure, costs, security
  • Detailed report, concerning the technical data from each of IT infrastructure components
  • Analysis of safety for all IT infrastructure segments

Global analysis of costs and IT efficiency

A comprehensive audit by INNERGO focuses on several aspects, including: cost analysis, security status, network and infrastructure efficiency. Engineers take into account the state of software and hardware, as well as the employment structure to support them. The audit also includes knowledge about the legality of the used software and the condition of used licenses. The report constitutes the final result of the audit. It includes appropriate recommendations and recovery suggestions.

IT infrastructure audit consists of the following steps:

  • Analysis of IT costs
  • Analysis of IT employment structure
  • Analysis of the use of IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of the network and information security
  • Analysis of system resources
  • Preparing recovery plan
  • The final audit report


Data Center design

We offer comprehensive services in the preparation of the concept, design, implementation, expansion, maintenance of ICT infrastructure for Data Centers. We realize our projects based on solutions of several reliable suppliers of systems such as energy, sanitation, telecommunication, safety and thermal protection with air conditioning.

How to design a Data Center?

Data Center consists of network of systems responsible for security and continuous access to data. Nowadays Data Centers are often built using technologies and trends of "Green Data Center". The use of alternative sources of power, cooling and air-conditioning of company, reduces costs of maintaining Data Center and its impact on the environment.

More about the service and the Data Center design process

Solutions implementation

We design, implement and maintain a wide range of innovative ICT solutions.

Our portfolio includes:

Telecommunication systems:

  • IP and TDM telephony systems
  • Unified communications
  • Videoconferences
  • Hospital wireless communication systems
  • Hospital call systems

Wired and wireless IP networks:

  • LAN / WAN
  • WLAN (WiFi)
  • Network access security

Data processing systems:

  • Servers environments
  • Arrays and tape libraries
  • OS and desktops virtualization
  • Backup
  • Cloud model services

Customer service environments:

  • Contact Center apps
  • Quality Monitoring
  • WorkForce Management

Data Center infrastructure:

  • Structured cabling
  • Electrical installations
  • Access control
  • Build over server racks
  • Precision air conditioning
  • Guaranteed power supply
  • IT room