LAN, WLAN and WAN networks solutions

Our portfolio includes elements which are necessary to build an efficient and reliable wired and wireless networks. We offer a full range of active devices and applications designed to optimize traffic management. The offer is complemented by a wide range of solutions and services dedicated to network monitoring and protecting.


LAN is a solution that works perfectly when one needs to connect devices in a specific, confined area. It is a perfect solution for hotels, offices, public administration, factories or hospitals that require fast, reliable and secure network connections to ensure the high quality of ICT services.

Available LAN bandwidth is very important in designing the network architecture. A lower bandwidth network is mainly used for connecting user to the LAN switch which is located in the same room or on the same floor. To connect LAN switches located on different floors of the building, it is necessary to have higher bandwidth of network, about 1-10 GB/s. A part of the network with the highest throughput, also known as backbone network, is used for connections between buildings or in data centers.

Before architecture designing, it is important to pay attention to how many users are going to be connected to the network and what type of traffic flow they are going to make up. Adopted topology should be reliable and particularly resistant to any interferences. It is important to pay attention to the possibility of its scalability and expandability.

Significant components   of the physical LAN structure are interfaces and network cards, switches and fiber optic converters.

Building a local area network based on the WLAN is the response to work changes in today's world, where efficiency of services depends on the mobility of employees. WLAN is a wireless, Wi-Fi based network- a complimentary solution to wired networks. Nowadays more and more enterprises decide to use wireless accesses which often have to be integrated with the wired network topology. The best solutions for that case is WLAN which can be easily combined with the segment of the wired network.

Wireless local area network (WLAN) allows using mobile devices and moving without disrupting their work. There are no cables needed, so installation of the network architecture is simple, as well as expansion of the network. Network coverage of WLAN can extend from a dozen meters to tens of kilometers.

We choose products and networking solutions of the world’s largest manufacturers, to meet the quality and budget expectations of our customers.


WAN covers relatively large geographic areas with intercity or even intercontinental transmission possibilities. They use services of transmission telecom operators.

In the era of continuous ICT development, it is necessary to combine LAN into WAN, characterized by greater complexity. WAN provides data, voice and video exchange over large areas. This is an advantage for companies with offices located on a large geographical space, as well as companies using outsourced services. Network capabilities are adequately protected against unauthorized access.

WAN solutions have various topologies. To choose the best architecture, it is important to consider the number of points that will communicate with each other, the number of transmission devices, the possibility of expansion and the industry type of a company.

Central management and network monitoring

To take full advantage of the company resources, it is mandatory to pay attention to the central management and network monitoring. It provides a constant increase to the efficiency of the enterprise.

Infrastructure centralization is based mainly on combining and unifying the network and the company resources. The centralization process also includes placing network equipment in a specially adapted room, for example in the server room.

These actions highlight benefits from the implementation of the central management and network monitoring. For example, changes made on the primary server by a network administrator are immediately visible on devices of the employees. It is similar to the network monitoring, which can be carried out from one place.

In addition, the employees have access to information which is sufficient to do their job, so the company also takes care of the information flow security. Unquestionable advantage of this solution is the ability to connect new devices to a common network, which greatly reduces the cost of remote working.

Network Access Control for enterprises

One of the most important features of the corporate network is safety. That is why businesses often require strengthening of their security systems. It is based on meticulous users’ verification and authentication of devices which are used in the network. Those pieces of information are necessary to ensure an intervention in an emergency situation, e.g. to prevent unauthorized access to the corporate network.

Enterprises often decide to implement security system to minimize the risk associated with employee access to the corporate network. Thus the enterprise is not exposed to legal risks or inefficient resource management.

The network access control can be implemented in many configurations to meet the individual requirements of each customer. The solution can be software or hardware based.

This solution is especially recommended to the companies where employees often utilize the BYOD trend. (Bring Your Own Device).


Each functional group in the company requires security management support. Companies are well aware of increasing importance of data security. Enterprises should consider their own security strategy and its implementation program, taking into account the continuity and compatibility of security, risk reduction and support of innovative organization initiatives.

Companies can protect data centers, virtualization, mobility, as well as access to the corporate network and information. Regardless of chosen protection strategy, it is important to remember that our strategy has to cover each level of employees, including executives. It allows early detection and appropriate response to potential threats.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to support our customers in selecting appropriate solutions for their business. Safety system designing includes protection of the physical and virtual environments, applications and personal computers. We offer solutions for backup, data security and data archiving, remote management and monitoring all around the clock, from any location. It ensures full supervision and facilitates faster decision-making, what can be crucial for the security of corporate sensitive data.