The dynamic development and intelligent solutions with an innovation element are the basis of Innergo Systems. In consequences we are looking for people whose personality will refer to these guidelines. We offer a friendly atmosphere and work on the creation and implementation interesting projects in ICT field among the extraordinary people - professionals in their field.

If you are open to gain new experiences and qualifications, do not hesitate to send us your application documents. Even if we currently do not recruit for the position that you are interested in, but you think your person fits perfectly, also do not hesitate and send us your CV and motivation letter.


The values

We are a company where the value system is not dictated - it comes naturally from everyday life. We work in 4 locations: Warsaw, Kraków, Krosno and Gdynia. Distance is not an obstacle in daily duties. Apart from using modern communication tools, we are able to simply talk to each other, despite diversity and distance

The commitment results from passion, desire and the need of developing. It can be seen not only when you look on the achievements of the company, but also on every member of the team. A friendly atmosphere exists every day and shows up not only in the way of collaboration between us, but also in the pretty big quantity of humour and positive approach to the realisation projects.

The thought out structure supports effective work, and since in Innergo we like innovations, this structure allows everyone to add value to the company, even by the smallest improvement.

If you like challenges, you want to work among intelligent people and you want to work for the company, that is characterized by attention to working conditions and employee development, do not hesitate to see our currently conducted recruitments.


The recruitment process

We are trying to conduct the whole process effectively, respecting your time. Once you have read our job offer and recognize that you are the perfect candidate for this position, then probably you will enter this page.

Below there are several information that are intended not only facilitating the recruitment process, but also to show who and what we are, so that you can make a decision to apply.


If you want to join our team, send your application (the CV and the motivation letter). Even if we do not recruit for your dream position now, just send your CV and write why and on what position you would like apply to. Then your application would be one of the firsts to consider, when the job is open for hire again.



The moment of receiving all (sent on a certain term) applications for the job, we analyse their accuracy in terms of our requirements. Unfortunately, some of them will be postponed, we get in touch only with the selected candidates. Therefore, it is very important that you give us consent to the processing of your personal data. Then we can save your application in our base and even if we don't invite you this time, it can happen during the next recruitment process, because our base is the first place, where we are looking for our new employees.


The invitation to the job interview is the next stage, when we want to get to know you better and listen more about your experience and the expectations associated with the professional life. At the interview you can expect the Manager of the department to which you are applying, and depending on the position the representative of the Board may participate. During the meeting, you may be asked to solve a problem which of course is regarding your competence. We also want you to find out more about Innergo and conditions of working with us. It is important for us that you will make a decision about cooperation with the conviction that Innergo is the place for you and we also want to make sure that you will easily find yourself in our organization and you share our values.

It can happen that we invite you for one more meeting. It happens when we want to have more time to talk with you.

After all interviews, we will inform you about results of the recruitment process. If we invite you to cooperate with us, there are only formalities which are well organised by our Human Resources department.