The dynamic development and intelligent solutions with some dose of innovations are a benchmark and a goal for  Innergo Systems team. As a company, we specialize in designing, implementations, installation and a complex service of telecommunication systems. Our mission is to provide safe and modern solutions in this domain, that are conducive for development and also for effective realization of our customers’ potential.


Managing board

A managing policy that we have adopted, ensure a responsibility and a proper power-sharing among members of a board. At present there are five its’ members. Not only they represent a different competences – adequate to fulfilled functions, but also different personalities and individual characters, assuring in this way, a constant development and a proper organizational balance.

Composition of the managing board:
Paweł Dąbroś –  Chairman of the board
Paweł Panasiuk –  Vice Chairman of the board
Bartłomiej Chmurzyński – Member of the board
Mirosław Musiał – Member of the board
Wojciech Gargul – Member of the board

The mission and the vision of Innergo


We provide access to the world's leading technology, which ensure our clients achieving competitive advantages and be successful in their business.

It is available because we have the ability to connect technologies, knowledge and passion into whole perfect system.


Our vision is to build the company, which as an ICT integrator is characterized by the highest level of professionalism and creates innovative and creative environment for development for its clients, partners and employers. The Innergo brand is growing as a known in a business world and is the first potential client’s choice.

Using high specialization in new technologies and thought-out strategy of team competence management we achieve stability of development and expansion on domestic and foreign markets.

Our goals and values


PROFESSIONALISM – we achieve the highest level of professionalism by improving the competence and expertise of our team and gaining the highest partner certification.

BRAND AWARNESS – we build long - term brand awareness among our customers by well-thought strategy of internal and external communication.

CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT – we achieve constant growth by appropriate competence management, expanding products portfolio and services, as well as expanding on domestic and foreign markets.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT – we focus on providing the best conditions of work, creating an organizational culture based on values, which support the professional and personal development.


We are the team which identifies with the values that not only determine our character, but also indicate the direction, where each of us follows in everyday work and life.

TRUST – we act honestly and appreciate the culture of openness and integration, both in internal and external relations.

COURAGE – we are guided by courage in setting new ways and creating innovative solutions, but also adhering to our professed values.

TEAM – an unusual combination of different personalities and talents creates the atmosphere conducive to creativity and innovation. We also relay on mutual trust and sincerity to pursue common goals.

CREATIVITY – it helps us in everyday challenges and makes easier the way to achieve our goals.

PROFESSIONALISM – we strive for excellence and the highest standards in each aspects of our work and life.

OPENNESS – in our team we openly express our opinions so we are able to work out the best possible solutions.

ENTHUSIASM – the trait which shows the best our approach to everyday life and new emerging challenges.

Our partners

Realizing the tasks entrusted to us by our Clients, we use resources and technological potential of the world's largest manufacturers. We are constantly developing these relations as evidenced by the high partner statuses as well as a number of Innergo’s awards for sales records and innovation of implementation. We closely cooperate with companies such as:

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. The leading provider of solutions and telecommunication services for businesses. Products, which are offered by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, are dedicated to medium and large companies meeting the needs of communication and services realizing in the Cloud. For many years, Innergo has maintained the highest available status of certified partner – Alcatel-Lucent Premium Business Partner.

Cisco Systems. The world leader in data transmission sector. It offers a wide range of products designed for small and large enterprises from different industries. In 2015 we received a prestigious distinction - Cisco Collaboration Champion – which was the recognition of outstanding successes in the implementation and the company development in modern communication technology.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Indisputable market leader and well-known manufacturer of a wide range of solutions in the servers’ area, mass storage devices and IT networks for business. Recently, The Hewlett Packard Enterprise portfolio expanded by products of such manufacturers as 3PAR and Aruba Networks. Innergo Systems is the HPE Gold Partner.

Apple Inc. Innergo Systems as the first company in Poland obtained the Apple Authorised Systems Integrator status. It emphasize the high level of Innergo’s expert knowledge about Apple’s technology, possessed resources and experience as an ICT integrator.

Ascom. It offers complex and modern telecommunication and ICT solutions. This Swiss company is one of the biggest suppliers of systems and telecommunication products in the world.

Genesys®. Powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year. They put the customer at the center of everything they do and passionately believe that great customer engagement drives great business outcomes. More than 10,000 companies in over 100 countries trust the industry’s #1 customer experience platform to orchestrate seamless omnichannel customer journeys and build lasting relationships. With a strong track record of innovation and a never-ending desire to be first, Genesys is the only company recognized by top industry analysts as a leader in both cloud and on-premise customer engagement solutions.Comprehensive solutions for Contact Center, designed for many industries and diverse needs. It offers autonomous and hosted solutions, which can be helpful in attracting new clients, increasing level of loyalty, as well as realizing pivotal business goals.

ProScheduler. One of the leading manufacturer of Workforce Management’s solutions designed for Contact Center department. For years has allowed its clients to optimize the allocation of staff according to business objectives. Innergo Systems is a distributor and leading implementation partner of ProScheduler WFM in Poland.

Avaya. It specializes in new generation solutions for collaboration and communication. It provides the platform and infrastructure for unified communication, video conferencing, cloud and network infrastructure.

Dell. Computer systems manufacturer and the leader in supplying products which are used to build the Internet infrastructure. It has brands dedicated to products from different sectors of the market, thus meets the requirements of small, medium and large enterprises.

Fortinet. A leading provider of fast and secure solutions in the cyber security field. It offers a new generation firewall with a wide range of products related to network security for companies.

Polycom. The leader in communications and interoperability systems. It offers a full range of solutions for video conferences in HD and voice chat, allowing users to open meetings, based on modern standards of cooperation.

Veeam. One of the biggest suppliers of modern data centers technology. The company focuses on products which increase resistance of virtualized load, reduce downtime and ensure system availability, guaranteed by service contract.

Microsoft. One of the world's largest enterprise in IT industry. The leader in operating systems and office software. The range of products also includes additional software, programming languages, computer equipment and media services.

Retia. Technology company specializing in production of military electronic systems and recording systems. Designs, manufactures and modernizes radars, missile systems, C4I systems, recording systems, UWB location and communication systems.

VMware. The leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions for all industries, regardless of the size of the company. Its reliable products simplify the management and operation of the company, which increase productivity.

AirWatch. A comprehensive platform for enterprise mobility. One of the world leaders in the enterprise mobility management. It assists the administrative area in the implementation, protection, monitoring, integration and management of mobile devices. It supports mobile productivity.

Emerson. Global production company, connecting technology and engineering to provide innovative solutions for customers from industrial, trade and consumer markets. It specializes in process management, industrial automation, voltage network, technologies for climate, commercial and residential solutions for business.

3M. The leading company with diversified industrial activities, focusing on innovative technological solutions. It offers over 55 000 products for various industries.

Arcserve. The leading provider of comprehensive solutions for backup and data protection in virtual, physical and in the cloud environments. Arcserve provides entrepreneurs high speed of access to data from servers and applications at any time.