Medium and large-sized enterprises

We provide solutions for medium and large-sized enterprises with the possibility of scalability of the infrastructure. We understand the variety of needs and we realize that ensuring ongoing operations is not enough. It is important to allow scalability which can prepare business for the fast growing future technology. Building a solid foundation, we provide long-term competitive advantage for our customers.

Wireless and wired networks

Enterprises especially appreciate benefits of wireless network. The most important advantage of wireless infrastructure, which seems to be particularly crucial in today’s business, is to provide the control. If the user connects to the corporate network via physical connection, the company is able to control transmission of information. Wired networks provide speed and reliability of connection. Enterprises, where huge volumes of data are constantly in the flow, especially appreciate this functionality.

On the other hand, we can observe increase of workers’ mobility and extension of devices that they use at work. It requires the company to be flexible in terms of corporate network access. Teams working on one project, moving around the office, most often choose access a wireless network to be more effective and feel free to move without any wires.

Both wired network and wireless network have their advantages, which are appreciated by companies. The combination of wired and wireless connections gives the solution, which can meet the mobile workers’ needs, as well as ensures safety, reliability and control requirements.

Mixed network environment does not mean problems with infrastructure management. We implement solutions, which allow single platform management.



Videoconferencing systems for enterprises make work more efficient and effective in distributed organisation structure, so employees are no longer dependent on business travels. This saves time and costs spent on travelling for business purposes.

More and more companies decide to implement video communication in their infrastructure. We help to choose the best solutions which take into account business needs, as well as technical environment of the enterprise. During implementation it is important to pay attention to network infrastructure, technical requirements and interoperability with partners’ and customers’ systems.

A growing number of implementations of video communication and increasing mobility of enterprises, encourages to explore new possibilities of integration videoconferences with company infrastructure. Employees, who use mobile devices and work remotely, are able to transmit videoconferences even outside the company without losing quality of recording and ability to sharing documents. 



Contact Center

Telephone, email box, instant messaging and video, are the main tools connecting enterprise with customers. When customers ask questions and report problems with product or service, they expect quick solution for their case. According to this it is necessary to invest in expanding enterprise capabilities, especially in the area of customer service.

Comfort of technology is the most important for customers. They are adept at using new technologies and appreciate their functionality. Comprehensive customer service becomes a part of the overall strategy of Customer Experience. That is the reason why enterprises should be guided by the customers’ preferences about interaction with the company.

The key to meet needs of different customers and build own Customer Experience strategy is to identify their needs and implement innovative solutions.


Workforce Management

Workforce Management solutions provide everything to optimize the productivity of work on the individual, departamental and entity-wide levels. It takes into account, received calls, emails, amount of chat conversations, as well as availability of staff, sick leave, vacation or even late. Properly configured WFM systems make the calculations themselves. In dynamic corporate environment it is important to have a software which can immediately respond to daily situations.

The use of tool to manage employees schedule reduce costs and keep them as low as possible. In addition, WFM solution provides more efficient and more appropriate customer service.

Workforce Management gives possibilities to adapt the solution to company’s needs, due to the variety of modules which are offered by WFMproviders. Our implementations include assistance in finding the WFM solution which functionality responds to the needs of enterprise and ensures comfort of everyday work.


Mobile solutions

Mobility is becoming a priority for enterprises. They want to implement innovation in their company structure and improve their operational efficiency. Due to the nature of work, employees travel more often and they prefer working remotely. It is necessary to use mobile devices in they every day work. This also applies to desktops employees, whose work environments are made of many mobile devices – laptops, mobile phones, tablets, printers, etc.

Mobility does not only include the issue of mobile workers and mobile devices. It is also connected with corporate data. For example, working in mobile enterprise it is possible to transfer documents from an office computer to the cloud and download them to private iPad to use them during the meeting with client.

Mobile solutions include technologies which provide the highest level of protection. IT administrators have ability to prevent data loss, data leak or unauthorized accesses by users’ authentication.

We assist our clients with mobility implementation, to provide efficient co-operation between employees and mobile devices, and scalability of mobile system architecture, and its integration with existing infrastructure. As the only one in Poland, we offer comprehensive support for mobility deployments in enterprises, including service, mobile device management (MDM) programs and financing, which provides access to mobile technology.