For years we do implementations for hospitals, clinics and chains of clinics. During this time, we thoroughly learned all the needs of this branch and the specific nature of projects, carried out in both health-care environments, private and public. Due to experience we have acquired not only can we provide dedicated solutions but also advise and design particular systems so that the efficiency for each individual customer was maximized.

Voice communication in hospital

The whole communication system in healthcare units consists of three main elements:

  • fixed telephony system (telephone exchange)
  • mobile telephony system (eg. DECT, IP DECT, voice over WiFi or GSM)
  • IP-DECT system (TeleCare bedside and ward system)

Telephone exchanges

Voice communication in medium and large-sized healthcare units is usually based on telephone exchanges. Our offer includes implementation of systems based on IP technologies (VoIP), digital technologies, analog technologies, as well as systems based on all of these technologies (hybrid control). We offer systems, which allow full automation of fax (fax to email, email to fax), implementation of extensive video communication (videophones, video intercoms, transmission from operating room, videoconferencing) or even integration with hospital system in order to monitor of occupancy of beds.

For all customers with an analog infrastructure we propose a smooth transition into modern technologies based on IP (VoIP) without rapid changes, but through phased migration. Due to the fact that the transition into VoIP requires appropriate cabling, network infrastructure or IP phones, we know that it is not always a simple process because of difficult conditions in healthcare environment. Knowledge based on previous implementations and proper planning guarantees a success. Feel free to contact us and use our experience.

Mobile Telephony Systems

We know that doctors and nurses are always in a hurry, and immediate alert or notification of the medical staff is often important to patient’s health. Depending on the type of medical institution, current infrastructure or even the type of ward, we offer different, tailored solutions which allow communication on mobile devices. Each of offered technologies have different characteristic, that is why we are able to design the most optimal system within reasonable budged. Depending on purpose of systems, our projects are based on DECT technology, VoWLAN (Voice over Wireless LAN/WiFi) or GSM.

Regardless which of them we are going to use, the most important are functions of your new solution. Besides the standard voice transmission, there is a possibility of mobile phone integration with call systems, sending alerts or reports from staff monitoring into mobile device.

Critical and technical alarms

Call system is a standard element of modern medical institution. There are many products which realize simple communication signal to call type, but during the whole day, it might pose more problems than benefits. Nurses and doctors, working in hospitals, know how calls, ringtones or light alarms can be stressful.

Previously, the systems alerted about a single call the whole staff on the ward. This situation constantly forced to filter information – “Is this a call for me or for another nurse from the staff?”. Overabundance of different types of alerts could be extremely tiring – especially at the end of shift. It is easy to miss an important alert on which depends the health or even the life of patients.

We show our customers a completely new quality in call systems. With appropriate sensors, geolocation and proper logistic plan of sending information, alarms are sent only to the person or group of people, who actually have time and can take care of patient. We guarantee recording all calls: who, when and where activated the alert, as well as who and at what time provided assistance. It helps medical facility managers to improve employee productivity and collect documents with adequate data in case of any claims.