Public administration

Public administration is characterized by constant growth and variable requirements of officials as well as petitioners. The digitalization and computerization of public administration ensure effortless access to information. It emphasizes economy innovation, but on the other side it is a significant challenge of safety.

Solutions that will improve workflow, ensuring the security of sensitive data, appropriate internal and external communication and thoughtfully designed infrastructure that meets the needs of dispersed structure. These are only a few challenges faced by public administration.

Investments in modern infrastructure ensure benefits such as costs optimization or higher productivity. Solutions that support administration work: Intranet, tools to optimize communication, videoconferencing that enable remote training courses, presentations and meetings without necessity of business travels.

Modern network

We assist in selection and implementation of stable and secure LAN/WAN networks, as well as wireless networks. In our portfolio there are products for reliable, scalable and well secured IT infrastructure that meets the needs of the local and central administration. We offer hardware solutions and applications, which enable implementations such as data centers, collaboration solutions, mobile working and security.

We implement solutions which ensure fast and secure access to the Internet for public institutions, improve ICT infrastructure for schools and extracurricular education and enable a public e-service.



IP telephony is a modern way of voice communication. It uses packet mechanism of voice transmission and network used for data transmission.

Administration, which structure is usually fragmented with wide area of network, can provide all departments with the highest quality of transmission and reduce the amount of telephone bills, by using IP telephony. We realize implementations with IP telephony and voice mail at the central office or even between departments connected by WAN. We combine the IP telephony with the world of traditional telephony without the decrease of quality of services – the voice transmitted is devoid of delays.

For all customers with an analog infrastructure we propose a smooth transition into modern technologies based on IP (VoIP) without rapid changes, but through phased migration.



For public administration with dispersed structure, which has many departments across the country, the most beneficial tool of cooperation is videoconferencing. Meetings, training, conferences, e-learning systems do not lose their quality of communication, but bring additional savings of travel costs and time.

Our offer includes modern video solutions, such as desktop terminals, videophones and terminals for conference rooms. Modern technologies enable calls on any device – mobile phone or tablet.


Mobile collaboration

Mobile solutions are an effective way to efficient enterprise management using technologies which ensure reducing operation costs, increasing employees’ productivity and using modern systems of sale support. It connects many of staff being in different places what is especially preferred in fragmented structure. Our solutions provide ease of using variety platforms and devices, ability to use messages, screen, online conferences and video sharing, as well as the work environment sharing.

We offer implementation services and comprehensive user support. Our extensive experience allows us to realize even the most demanding projects. Implementation is preceded by the appropriate audit of needs and infrastructure. This is the basis for the preparation of supplied devices systems. Additionally, we provide complementary services such as training, services and financing system.



One of the obligation imposed on public administration is to provide the security of confidential data. We support customers using our knowledge and experience to help with selection of appropriate solutions for their businesses. The part of designing the security systems is securing physical and virtual environments, applications and personal computers. We offer solutions for backup, data security and data archiving, remote management and monitoring at any time from any location. It allows to have a full control and make faster decisions, which may be relevant to the company's confidential data protection.